Solar Design and Payback Estimations on Request

Even with the regular cuts to the Feed in Tariff (FIT), Solar still makes a very good investment.  Our prices offer payback of the installation within 7 years, the next 13 years should all be profit.  On top of this you will receive up to 50% of your electricity bills, depending on your usage and linked with inflation, so every year your payments will increase with inflation.  Last year this went up 3.5%.  With cuts in the Solar PV FIT, generally once every three months, the sooner you install Solar PV the higher the tariff you will get, guaranteed for the next 20 years.

Solar PV Installation

MJ Electrical and Renewables prices are all inclusive.  With the price you pay for your system this includes:

  • A pre-installation site survey (in this survey we will measure your roof, work out what size system will best suit your roof, provide you with any technical information you may require and give you a quotation)
  • A structural survey of your roof by an independent specialist
  • An Energy Performance Certificate provided by an independent Energy Assessor
  • Scaffolding
  • Solar Panels (the solar panels we use come with a ten years manufacturer's warranty)
  • Roof Mounting kit for the solar modules
  • Electrical Wiring, containment and accessories
  • Inverter (the inverters we use come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty)
  • AC and DC Isolators
  • A generation meter
  • One of our fully qualified electricians to carry out the electrical installation
  • One of our competent roofers to carry out the solar panel installation on your roof
  • Full testing and test certificate of your new circuit
  • An MCS certificate to for the Solar installation
  • 5 Year Labour warranty on our workmanship
  • Choice of blue or black panels

Post Installation

At your request we will carry out all the paperwork for you, applying for your FIT and we will notify the local district network operator.  Once complete your system will be up and running and we will leave you to enjoy your rewards.

After the installation is complete we will provide you with an operation and maintenance manual explaining everything you need to know about the system, an electrical schematic and your certificates.


Solar Farm Installation and Maintenance

As well as offering Solar Installation we also have extensive experience of maintenance of large scale solar farms.

We offer a fast, efficient call out team covering Inverter replacement, Data Logger replacements or refreshes, Module replacement and Sub Collector repair or replace.

We also have sufficient resources to carry out associated electrical works involved in building Solar Farms.

If you would like us to tender or quote for Ground Mount Installations please visit our Contact Page.

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